Hi there!

We're looking for a Lab Assistant Intern with chemistry (or related) background to join our production department and help with daily tasks in and around the lab. This position starts out as a 6-month internship with the option of turning into a permanent role after a satisfactory trial period.

Even though our job description may seem like we're looking for a specific candidate, the role inevitably ends up tailored to the person who applies and joins. Regardless of how well you feel you fit our description, we encourage you to apply if you meet these criteria:

"You’re fascinated by the potential of cannabinoids and terpenes and wish to make a meaningful contribution to the production of innovative consumer products."

About You

You just finished or are about to finish your (bachelor-)studies and are looking for a real-world challenge. You likely won't have dealt with everything you'll encounter at Harmony, but you have a background of experiences to rely on and are comfortable working in a laboratory environment.

You are willing to take on any task. Harmony is a fast growing and nimble team. You'll be part of the production team to ensure processes in and around the lab run smoothly. You're eager to take on any project that comes your way no matter how big or how small.

You have strong organizational and communication skills. You might be responsible for multiple projects and tasks at a given time and can keep these organized and prioritized to ensure work gets done and logged. In order to do so successfully, you can effectively communicate with your teammates in English.

You're resourceful. When you encounter a task you haven't done before, you know how to use Google, your network, your teammate's knowledge and whatever other resources available to find a good path forward.

You are willing to give it all. We are a fast growing start-up with big ambitions. If you are highly motivated and willing to work hard, you’ll fit right in.

Things You Might Do

Harmony is a small and fast-growing company, so you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you'll probably do:

  • Assist in the production of our products. This includes big batch blending as well as helping out with bottling and packaging if needed.
  • Keeping the laboratory space clean and organized. This includes adequate and safe cleaning and storage of materials and tools used in production.
  • Stay on top of the laboratory waste stream. Making sure chemical waste gets labeled and stored properly.
  • Take part in quality control by measuring product parameters like density and taking samples that are being sent to third-party laboratories.
  • Assist in user studies for our latest product prototypes by encouraging people to participate in sensory evaluation trials and make sure the results are correctly logged and filed.

About Harmony

For the past three years, Harmony has been helping people across the world access qualitative and affordable hemp products with a focus on CBD and the vaping industry.

We are warriors fighting to expand Harmony worldwide by crafting the most innovative products nature can offer, and we are just getting started.

We offer a real entrepreneurial experience with stock option compensation in an international and fast growing company.

We believe in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. Harmony is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We're excited to work with talented and empathetic people no matter their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion... Our code of conduct provides a beacon for the kind of company we strive to be and we celebrate our differences because those differences are what allow us to expand Harmony worldwide.

How to Apply

We have a non-standard application process. To jump-start the process we ask a few questions we normally would ask at the start of an interview. This helps speed up the process and lets us get to know you a bit better right out of the gate. Please make sure to answer each question.

Then, wait for us to reply! You are going to hear back from us, even if we don't seem like a good fit. In fact, throughout the process, we strive to make sure you never go more than seven to fifteen days without hearing from us.